Traveling to Komi / Ural

Image 2016-06-12 at 9.29.31 PM

A friend and I plan to go for a camping trip crossing the Ural and back this Juli & August. Main route planned is crossing the Ural Mountains near Perm in West-East direction, than move northwards through Ivdel‘ as near to the Mountain rage as road conditions allow. Probably  Jogorsk, AgirishKhulimsunt. Than head back to the west along a pipeline route between Khulimsunt and Ukhta. It time permits we might go from Vuktyl up to the polar cycle.

We would like to visit the Seven Strong Men/Man PuPu Ner but this seems to be only possible via Helicopter given our time constrains.

IMG_6530 IMG_6430

We’ll be traveling with a Unimog and a 4×4 MAN Truck, each 2 axles and about 11 tonnes of weight.

Edit: see our trip report.


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