departicularifier for NRG MP 161 Scanfaxprinter

If you own a NRG/Rex-Rotary/Aficio/Ricoh/Gestetner MP 161 Fax/Scan/Print combination you might have noticed the annoying habit of that device to chop E-Mail messages of scanned Images into multiple parts. This is implemented by using MIME message/partial Semantics.

While there are obscure mail applications which are able to read message/partial modern software ignores it, because it is a huge security issue.

This in turn means, I can’t open longer documents mailed by the MP 161 to me.

Because I like to scan large documents, I hate this quirk of the MP 161. So I wrote a Python tool called departicularifier which connects to an IMAP server, downloads the mails send by the fax, reassembles and decodes the messages and dumps the files on your harddisk.

$ python --help
Usage: [options].
Try --help for details.

Extract files from message/partial MIME messages generated by NRG MP 161
scanfax appliances.

  --version            show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --server=SERVER      hostname of the IMAPS server where the messages are
                       stored (default: "")
  --user=USER          User name for logging into the server (default: "none")
  --password=PASSWORD  Pasword used to login (default: ask for password)
  --folder=FOLDER      Folder to scann for messages (default: "INBOX")
  --sender=SENDER      Sender whose messages to process (default: "scanner@")
  --dir=DIR            Destination directory (default: ".")

For you it need probably some fiddeling with the parameters. A run shoul look like this:

$ python
connecting to '' as ''.
[long wait]
writing ./20080528132721094.pdf
writing ./20080528130042306.pdf
writing ./20080528131755217.pdf

You can download here.

2 comments on “departicularifier for NRG MP 161 Scanfaxprinter

  1. Jimmie
    2008-11-25 at 11:15 #


    I have a question regarding this old post:


    I have tried patching the source code of xrdp with that file but it doesnt work. Have you been able to get this program to work on FreeBSD?

  2. mdornseif
    2008-12-20 at 22:40 #


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