The ePowerSwitch-4 is a ethernet controllable power socket by Leuning GmbH. It is designed to be rack-mountable and comes in a solid PVC housing.

The Software Stack running on the Switch seems to be based on QNX and acts quite reasonable. (See the manual for an overview). E.g. you can use curl to switch ports on and off. E.g.

curl --data 'P4=0' -i http://admin:admin@

to switch Port 4 off.

One thing I don’t like about the device is the fact that it doesn’t support DHCP but needs a fixed IP. On the Pro side it comes with an additional RS-232 port for configuration and operation.

The Switch is on sale for about 400 Euro which results in a cost per port of about 100 Euro.

One comment on “ePowerSwitch-4

  1. brothert
    2009-03-26 at 00:05 #

    Regarding power switches there is a „LAN IP POWERX4“ switch at Reichelt for just 89,90 EUR!! I have no clue about its quality but it also has 4 sockets and it supports DHCP.

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