How to monitor Disk temperature with 3ware controllers, FreeBSD 7 and munin

1. The munin-node code in FreeBSD seems not to be the most recent version. I downloaded this, replaced the first line with #!/usr/bin/perl and moved the file to /usr/local/etc/munin/plugins/hddtemp_smartctl. I also had to remove the lime below „# Avoid spinning up sleeping disks“ in hddtemp_smartctl to make it work.

For monitoring 4 disks connected to a 3ware 9500S-12 i changed /usr/local/etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/plugins.conf to read:

user root
env.smartctl /usr/local/sbin/smartctl
env.drives ad0 da0 da1 da2 da3
env.type_da0 3ware,1
env.type_da1 3ware,1
env.type_da2 3ware,2
env.type_da3 3ware,3
env.dev_da0 twa0
env.dev_da1 twa0
env.dev_da2 twa0
env.dev_da3 twa0

Finally you have to install /usr/ports/sysutils/smartmontools.

That’s it

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