Building a Pallet Identifying Fork Lift

If you building deep IT integration in a warehouse you probably want to now which Pallets are where. Your WMS knows where the Pallets should be placed. But where are they placed in reality? Since usually Pallets are transported by Fork Lift it would help to exactly know what is really is on the Fork Lifts.

An easy way to make Pallets identifiable is to put Barcode stickers on the Pallets. If you place them on the middle block they are easy to fix there by glue or clamps and easy to read automatically.

One good location to place a barcode reader is at the fork/mast assembly (detail):

Mount the scanner looking about 30 degrees downward. At the mast assembly the barcode scanner is relatively well protected against damage an can be affixed without to much hassle. The main obstacle is getting power and data lines from the moving fork/mast assembly to the chassis.

After mounting the scanner it should permanently project a scan line on the forks about 80 cm away from the mast.

Now when the fork lift picks up a pallet it should automatically read the barcode during entering the pallet. See below for an illustration:

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