Current Inspiration

„A much more effective knob to twiddle when it comes to time to market is scope.  Cut scope.  Cut it early and cut it again if the project is drifting off schedule.  It is amazing how much scope can really be done away with and still have a release that completely satisfies commercial needs and makes customers happy.“ (Why Small Software Teams Grow Large And Other Software Development Conundrums)

Create software, not code!

„What does „done“ mean to you?  I find that my definition of „done“ continues to expand. When I was still pretty green, I would say „It’s done“ when I had finished coding.“ (Wide Awake Developers)

„It is this reason that languages like Ruby, which is implemented mainly in C, provide less maximum power than languages like Smalltalk, which is implemented mainly in … Smalltalk.“ (The significance of the meta-circular interpreter)

„For years I’d been a bit confused about the standard „don’t program defensively“ Erlang advice, but just recently I saw a definition of what that really means.“ (defensive programming)

„Second, the cost of global consistency is global serialization. If you assume a certain volume of traffic you must support, the cost of a globally consistent solution will be a multiple of the cost of a latency-tolerant solution. That’s because global consistency can only be achieved by making a single master system of record. When you try to reach large scales, that master system of record is going to be hideously expensive.“ (Wide Awake Developers)

Investing in your own abilities. That?s incredibly important, but I don?t need to tell you that. If you exercise with programming katas, or learn a new programming language once a year, or pick up a book like The Reasoned Schemer and actually go through the exercises, then you are already in the top 1% of software developers for personal skills improvement. (Sorry, certifications don?t count. They are the classic case of doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason!)“ (But Y would I want to do a thing like this?)

„A closure is a function that captures the bindings of free variables in its lexical context.“ (A Definition of Closures)

„We have an example of the ?Telephone Test:? when code very closely resembles how you would explain your solution over the telephone, we often say it is ?very high level.? The usual case is that such code expresses a lot more what and a lot less how.“ (Why Why Functional Programming Matters Matters)

„The first person to write about these issues, as far as I know, was Fred Brooks in the Mythical Man Month. He wrote that programmers seemed to generate about the same amount of code per day regardless of the language. When I first read this in my early twenties, it was a big surprise to me and seemed to have huge implications. It meant that (a) the only way to get software written faster was to use a more succinct language, and (b) someone who took the trouble to do this could leave competitors who didn’t in the dust.“ (Succinctness is Power)

„We can often ignore the time and space performance penalties, but the cost of comprehending any abstraction is real and slowly increases as we add abstractions in our code“ (Abstraction and Variation)

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.
(Abelson & Sussman, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs via Writing programs for people to read)

„Is it possible to create a large product with a small team? How do you do it? Well, the first realization is that what we want to do is create software, not code. Coding takes time. Typing takes time. Testing and fixing bugs takes time. Don’t code. Create software. Big difference.“ (Create software, not code)

„I’ve been coding in Python for years, but lately I?ve been using it a lot, and can’t get enough of it. It’s so clean, and as Fredrick?s code shows, it?s got some extremely powerful capabilities that are also extremely easy to use. It?s obviously smoking fast as well. Some folks who commented on some of my previous blog entries seem to equate programs written using dynamic languages like Python with unmaintainable one-off solutions. If that’s your experience with such languages, blame the programmer, not the language.“ (Steve Vinoski)

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