Java’s undisputed Power

Java is the undisputed king of elegance and simplicity. So I was not a bit surprised, to learn, that sending a Message to a Java Message Service (JMS) Provider only takes 190 Lines of code by using the cleverly engineered JMS libraries. And it only took a few days to understand all this Libraries.

Compare that to an inferior Language, like Python: it doesn’t have any decent libraries for JMS. So you have to implement the protocol yourself from scratch. This
huge effort took the better half of a say and more than 58 Lines of code.

Obviously Python is so much more enterprisy.

One comment on “Java’s undisputed Power

  1. none
    2009-06-07 at 22:51 #

    Once somebody who speaks me out of the heart. Nice to see, I thought I’d be the last man not living on that island.

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