Coding standards

Reminder to self:

* Follow PEP 8, verify with
* Follow PEP 257 for docstrings
* No tabs. Not anywhere. Always indent with 4 spaces.
* Wrap at Line 109
* Use pylint aim for a score of at least 8.
* Write doctests where possible. Always write unittests. Aim for a test coverage of at least 80%
* Classes/Variables which reference Objects specific to our ERP/our Industry/german trade should be in german as technical terms. Generic Objects should be named in english: Lieferscheinnummer, Kundenauftragsnumer, Rechnung but TransportEndpoint and DataStore. This line is very blurry. Comments in the code should be in english.
* Code should be targeted at Python 2.5 on FreeBSD/Linux



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