xrdp on FreeBSD

There is a xrdp port for FreeBSD.

But the maintainer seems to only have dealt with compile time errors, it did not work at all for various reasons:

  1. FreeBSD does not have clearenv,
    nor does it like code like
    environ = NULL;. It works
    on Linux, but on FreeBSD, it does what you might assume
    first: a subsequent call to setenv() leads to a segmentation fault.

    Solution: replace environ = NULL; with environ[0] = NULL;

  2. The author changed some locations of files.
    This is a known technique of port maintainers to
    keep everything in a common place.
    If there weren’t these two lines of code that handle
    the execution of the DefaultWindowManager:

    g_sprintf(text, "%s/%s", cur_dir, g_cfg.default_wm);
    g_execlp3(text, g_cfg.default_wm, 0);

    The current directory is always prepended to the pathname.
  3. Get your patch for xrdp today: xrdp.patch

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