Exercise Lesson 4: Trees

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Trees like John Pike, originally uploaded by nerxs.

I got this wonderful book by John Pike. For this week’s watercolor online lesson we had to paint foliage so I painted some trees inspired by Pike. Painting trees from paintings is much easier than from photos. All my foliage looked so odd. So I tried some paintings with ink first and it looked much better. It helped me to get to a more loose painting style.


I found it really difficult to paint green foliage. The autumn foliage was much easier for me. I might be because a lot of my greens are granulating. This might look nice if you are an experienced user. But at the moment it is a lot like fighting with the colors. I know it is the wrong way and I am working on it.

Baum am See


All these paintings except of the pike trees are inspired by photos from Wetcanvas free resource photos.

One comment on “Exercise Lesson 4: Trees

  1. donn
    2008-10-16 at 07:40 #


    Love your trees. Your greens look okay to me. Hope you are enjoying Kate’s class. I took her 2 previous classes.

    This comment was originally posted on 20070318T21:33:13

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