Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Triad

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Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Triad, originally uploaded by nerxs.

Months ago I bought a color wheel, because I liked the the colors on it. While reading lesson 3 of the Watercolor online class I recollected the color wheel and saw the triads as mentioned in the lesson. I played with colors a bit and made to triads. This one is the blue-green, red-violet and orange-yellow one. I did not know that blue-green and violet can take a harmonic effect together. Indian yellow, sepia brown, prussian green, phthalogreen and maganese violet.

The second one was a resource photo from Wet Canvas. It had kind of triad colors so it caught my eye. I tried the blue, red and yellow-green triad. But I think the red was to orange. I used cobalt blue, translucent yellow, phthalogreen, madder lake deep and payne’s grey.

Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Triad

One comment on “Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Triad

  1. casey
    2008-10-16 at 07:40 #

    very nice

    very nice
    these are great, Nik. You are really becoming proficient in this medium!

    This comment was originally posted on 20070306T09:25:11

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