Watercolor Online Lesson 3

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Watercolor Online Lesson 3, originally uploaded by nerxs.

I tried to paint the old barn from one of the wet canvas resource photos. First I made some thumbnails to check the composition. It was not easy to sketch the things in such a small size. I always started to big and the things I wanted to have in the thumbnail did not fit. Are there any tricks?

Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Thumbnails

These are the colors I used for the barn:

Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Colors

I had big problems with the foliage. First I used a brush and it looked like camouflage. In this version I used a natural sponge. And it worked out quite well. But I am not that happy with it, because I used way to much color and to little water. But if I use more water everything is to light and not colorful enough. Hmm.

I also had problems with the value study. The darks and blacks are no such a problem, but to find different midtones. I made the value study after the painting. Next time I try one before.

Watercolor Online Lesson 3 Value Study

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