Green Tomato

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Homework 01, originally uploaded by nerxs.

I had wet down the paper and added the colors wet in wet. I was really suprised, that the color did not run all over the paper. It stayed were I made the border with my brush.

3 comments on “Green Tomato

  1. casey
    2008-10-16 at 07:40 #

    gorgeous tomato!

    gorgeous tomato!
    This is beautiful, Nik! It makes me want to sign up for that class.

    This comment was originally posted on 20070210T15:34:27

  2. nik
    2008-10-16 at 07:40 #


    Casey, thank you very much for your comment. Painting the tomato was an important experience, but I don’t like the result at all. You are now the third person how thinks it looks nice. It is hard to believe. Strange sometimes.

    But having an online class is better than expected. I never thought it would work. You should sign up next time.

    This comment was originally posted on 20070210T17:38:07

  3. ronell
    2008-10-16 at 07:40 #

    Your green tomato is beautiful…your colors have flown so nicely into each other, nicely done!

    This comment was originally posted on 20070210T18:52:33

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