Day of the fast sketches

Today I took one day off and visited a garden center nearby for inspirations. As I entered the outdoor unit of the center I hear very clear and loud bird voices, from different birds. I thought by myself how funny the atmospheric music sounds so real.

I walked between the shelves and in the one corner in the back I saw an aviary. They had about six hens and roosters and about 15 small birds of different species.

At the moment I am reading the book „Fast sketching techniques“ from David Rankin. I don’t really like the style of the sketches in this book, but it inspiries me to take some of the birds.

I have never managed to sketch something moving in a way you would notice what it was in the end. But this time it magically worked well.

I worked out a small trick: I sketched several birds at the same time. If one moves out of the position I am sketching, I return to the next sketch hoping this bird has taken back it’s position. The hens only moved in circles so that they surely came back in the position I started to draw them after a while and so I could finished most of the sketches.

Having a long close look at my sketches at home, I saw that the sketches of the birds have gotten better with every new sketch.





This evening I sketched this polar bear in two minutes. I am really impressed by my sketches today. Must be the book.


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