Mach-O fat binaries on DIET

When Apple decided to build computers with Intel CPU, they got an old feature of NeXTstep out of their drawers: fat binaries. They always existed in MacOS X, but were never used before. A fat binary is a collection of binaries for different architectures, so it’s possible to ship the same binary for all architectures.
So far, so good, BUT! They waste disk storage and some tools that work on Mach-O binaries cannot handle fat binaries so far.
I proudly announce the first release of diet, a tool that extracts the PowerPC version of the binary. Get it here.
As always, released under a BSD-style license.

One comment on “Mach-O fat binaries on DIET

  1. cklein
    2008-10-16 at 00:08 #

    you could also use Apple’s tool, lipo :-)

    This comment was originally posted on 20060120T13:58:31

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