Guidelines for a safe coding experience

There are lots of tutorials for secure coding, but
I haven’t seen many hints on safe coding.
After another disaster that led to a full source code loss,
I started to write one and I just rediscovered it on my hard drive. Here it is:

  • Consider working on a disk image rather than on a harddisk, it will make
    recovery much easier since less space is needed to create a full dump.
  • Consider replacing your rm command with secure_rm, that waits for some time
    before starting to delete files. Alternativly use, a trashcan featured
    delete command.
  • Insert unique comments, it will help you when analyzing the disk dump
    while recovering.
  • Always use make, do not call any other command. Write targets
    to compile, run and clean.
  • Use a version control system and commit changes regularly. Do not
    forget to backup the repository.
  • Use a text editor that creates backup files. Do not delete those backup files.

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