PTT – The Pen Testing Toolkit: Installation.

I’m working on a collection of tools called the PenTestingToolkit (PTT). It is underdocumented and half-finished but it works for me – occasionally. One feature in PTT I use most is DNS enumeration/bruteforcing.

You can get the latest and greatest Version of ptt from here. To install it, do something like this:

md@hextatic ~$ wget
md@hextatic ~$ tar xjvf ptt-snap-20051118-r800.tar.bz2 
md@hextatic ~$ cd ptt-snap-20051118-r800
md@hextatic ~/ptt-snap-20051118-r800$ python build
md@hextatic ~/ptt-snap-20051118-r800$ sudo python install # must run as root

Now the binaries should be installed in some reasonable place. Unfortulately many Python Installations are broken in a way that they put the binaries in obscure locations. Mine puts the binaries in /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4/bin/ o_O. If your Python instalation is also that broken, you can move the binaries to something like /usr/local/bin or add the directory used by Python to your PATH environment variable.

In addition to the PTT you need the ADNS library end the python adns module. Every better package mannagment system has ready made packages for adns, so install them. If you can’t install the python module via your package managment, try this:

md@hextatic ~/ptt-snap-20051118-r800$ cd thirdparty/
md@hextatic thirdparty$ tar xzvf adns-python-1.1.0.tar.gz 
md@hextatic thirdparty$ cd adns-python-1.1.0/
md@hextatic thirdparty$ sudo python install

If this fails you might have to edit On my MAc I had to do this:

include_dirs = ['/opt/local/include']
library_dirs = ['/opt/local/lib']
runtime_library_dirs = ['/opt/local/lib']

Now you should be all set. Read more in PTT – The Pen Testing Toolkit: DNS-Bruteforcing.

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